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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does this website do?

We partner with multiple parking vendors throughout the country to provide affordable airport parking and cruise port parking to you.

How do I find a place to park?

Select the city from which you wish to depart and your travel dates on our home page, www.airportparkingauthority.com.

Select the property near the airport that offers the proximity and amenities you desire (valet, covered parking, car wash - to name a few).

On the check-out screen, choose the parking option you desire (self-parking or valet / covered or uncovered / over-sized vehicle). Enter your credit card information. You will receive an email confirmation/receipt upon purchase that you take to the parking location to show them that you have a reservation. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can show the parking attendants your receipt on your phone / tablet. You are now ready for travel!

How do I get to the airport/cruise port from my chosen parking location?

Every location we offer has a complimentary shuttle to get you to and from the terminals. (If you specifically book cruise parking, you'll be shuttled to the appropriate port. Not all locations offer cruise parking.) The drivers will assist with luggage. Select locations may offer a bottle of water for the trip. Upon your return, simply go to the location in the airport for shuttles and wait for the one from the property where you parked or call the phone number on your receipt for pick-up if one is listed. If returning to a port, call the shuttle number shown on your receipt for pick-up.

Do I have an over-sized vehicle?

If your vehicle can fit in a normal parking space, you are usually not in need of over-sized vehicle parking at nearly all of our locations.

What should I do if I didn't get my receipt?

If you didn't receive your receipt, check your spam folder or you can SIGN IN to your account with your email address and last name on airportparkingauthority.com. You can view all of your reservations and receipts with your login. In some cases your reservation might not have been completed properly, your email address might have been typed in incorrectly, or the receipt might have been blocked by your browser. If that is the case, use the contact us form for additional assistance.

Do I need to reserve in advance?

Our selected locations are incredibly popular because of their proximity to an airport/cruise port and their level of service. An advance reservation will ensure you get the discounted rates you see on our website and that you do not have to panic on your travel day or pay the high price for parking directly at the airport/cruise port. You will receive an email confirmation of your reservation to take to the parking location on your day of travel.

How can I change, cancel, or extend my parking reservation?

Visit the SIGN IN link in the menu and log in using your email address and the last name on the reservation. This account is great for obtaining receipts from past travel, leaving reviews for the properties you have visited, and canceling future reservations. Simply log in, click on VIEW DETAILS for the reservation you wish to change, and click on one of the blue links you see at the top of the reservation.

Please note that if you just made the reservation, and it has not yet been cleared through our credit card processing company, you may need to wait until it clears to modify your reservation online.

If you need to EXTEND your return date, use your email address and last name to sign into your account and access your reservation. Click on EXTEND YOUR RESERVATION. Enter your NEW return date and time (when you will return to pick up your vehicle) in the calendar box. Fill in your credit card information. You will receive CREDIT for your previous payment and will only be charged for the additional days. You will receive another email receipt. All email receipts for this parking reservation will need to be shown at the parking lot upon your return.

If you need to SHORTEN your stay or CHANGE your arrival date, book a new reservation with the correct dates and cancel your original reservation for an automatic full refund up to 24 hours prior to your original arrival date and time.

What is your cancellation policy?

All reservations can be canceled UP TO 24 HOURS BEFORE THE DATE / TIME OF YOUR ARRIVAL at the parking location.

How do I use my out-of-country credit card?

Enter your card's billing POSTAL CODE. With your card number and your billing address POSTAL CODE, your reservation will be processed.

Where do I find coupon codes and discounts?

You can sign up for a new customer 5% off coupon on the homepage of this site. Customers that have used us in the past receive regular coupons via email as they are made available.

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