Making Travel More Affordable with

A new year brings new resolutions. Many of our travelers want to travel more. We’re here to help by making travel as affordable as possible. From finding cheap offsite airport parking to money saving tips, we have all of our easy tips and tricks to affordable travel. Get creative and enjoy a year of amazing trips!


Cheap Offsite Airport Parking

Using onsite airport parking is a quick way to overspend. Orlando International Airport Parking costs $19 a day! If you use their “economy” options you’ll still be paying a hefty $10 a day and you’ll need a shuttle to get you to the airport. Cheap offsite airport parking can be as low as $3.99/day. Our prices are even lower if you sign up for our coupon codes.


Avoid Ridesharing

Rideshare apps are another way to spend more than you budgeted. Your rates depend on the time of day and surge pricing. And unless you live just a few miles from the airport, you won’t be saving.  You also have to ensure that your airport allows them to pick you up. Some airports have contracts with taxi companies and only allow rideshares to drop off, not pick up. Cheap offsite airport parking will always be able to pick you up at the airport and take you back to your car.


Budget Accommodations

There are multiple ways you can save money with your accommodations. It’s not limited to saving on the nightly rate, although that’s important too. It’s time to ditch “ocean view” rooms or other luxuries that you don’t need. You aren’t traveling more this year to hang out in your hotel room!

To maximize your accommodation savings consider booking a room with a kitchen or kitchenette. This will allow you to eat in for a few of your meals and save for that restaurant you’ve been dying to try. You can also find accommodations with an in room or in house washer and dryer. By washing your clothes and reusing them, you can avoid those expensive baggage fees altogether. (Read more tips for ditching baggage fees here!)



Affordable travel is all about flexibility. You can snag great airfare if you’re able to go on a last minute trip. Airfare sales can also be found for weekday flights. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and try new airlines. Frontier is a great budget airline that often has one-way fares for under $49 dollars. 


BONUS: App it Up!

There are so many ways to use apps to save money beyond traditional travel apps. We all have things we like to splurge on from coffee to fast food. If you go to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts a few times a month, or a couple times a week, download their apps. When you pay through their apps you earn points that can be redeemed for free drinks. A free $6 latte at Starbucks is a day of offsite airport parking! Keep track of what you’ve saved and put that money towards your travel fund. There are even cash back apps like Dosh that will give you 1 to 10% (sometimes more!) back on purchases made at qualifying restaurants, stores and hotels. You’ll be surprised how quickly your savings add up without changing your spending habits at all.

Why You Should Choose Off-Site Airport Parking

Travelers have more options than ever when it comes to every aspect of their trip. And that goes for airport parking too. You don’t have to park directly at the airport anymore. In fact, after you read our reasons for why you should choose off-site airport parking, you may never park there again. We have the answers to all of the frequently asked questions about off-site airport parking here.